Pokémon Go (away)

My childhood experience of Pokémon wasn’t rewarding. I loved horses, so spent the vast majority of my weekly pocket money buying up packs to find some cool horse type guys. I collected about five of them and I thought that was the point of the game. I didn’t understand that you were supposed to battle them until years later; I was just too busy pretending to be a horse. My Dad set up a showjumping course for me in the back garden and everything. It was really nice of him to encourage me to be whatever I wanted to be, although I think he might have thought it might have led to something constructive, such as sports (lol).

So when I hatched an egg this week, and a Pikachu emerged in all its yellow-y, lightning bolt-y glory, I thought ‘this is amazing’. The grasshopper had finally become the cricket, or whatever that phrase is. I mean, I don’t know if that is considered impressive, the fact that I didn’t wrangle and catch it myself, but I felt cool as flip- and I got a great screenshot that I could potentially post on social media to show how hip and happenin’ I am. But deep down, did I really care? Of course not. I feel bad enough spending as much time as I do on my phone, walking around the streets disconnected from my surroundings and unable to see actual real life cool things, like dogs and free sample cans of Coke Zero. Plus about 6 people asked me if I was lost over the course of one day, which I guess could demonstrate that there’s still hope about how kind the human race is or something.

Seeing that people have gotten out the house and are now actually walking excitedly about is great. It’s what life must have been like back in the good old days! But people are getting mugged, falling over, walking in front of cars. It’s just like those idiots who try to take cool selfies, but they die because they aren’t paying any attention to the cliff that they’re about to step off. It seems like that when technology is involved it’s easy to forget that there’s an experience outwith the one you’re having. At the end of the day, life can be really boring when you’re doing something mundane. I hate it if I don’t have my phone for my hour long bus journey. On the other hand, I end up overhearing really funny conversations, chatting to old ladies, or just getting even more pissed off by those people who blast their music without headphones (WHAT NORMAL PERSON DOES THAT!?!?!). Sometimes it’s nice just to disconnect for a while though, and not have to worry about running out of data, or a dead battery. It isn’t necessary to be entertained 24/7, to always have something you need to do. Sometimes it’s good to be bored! That’s how you realise that you need to do interesting things to fill your time. Somebody was once so bored they invented a television. Think about that.

Anyways, I’m just going to call it early on though and say that it’s the beginning of the end of human intelligence, and the start of government mind control tactics.

If I disappear after this post, you know why.

Wake up sheeple. 


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