First Post

As someone who has aspired to be a writer for many years, I have probably used it as a way of deflecting unwanted attention from the dreaded “what are you going to do when you finish your studies” question. I have, over the course of time, and  in no particular order of preference, wanted to be ; a doctor (after watching Scrubs), a vet (because dogs are the best), a marine biologist (even though I am afraid of swimming in deep water), a lawyer (because that’s what everyone’s parents want them to do), and a farmer (until I found out about early mornings and no holidays). Eventually all these rather outlandish notions were ruled out, mainly due to my staggering inability when numbers are concerned – 21% in a higher maths prelim does not bode well for university entrance in scientific disciplines. Although these more concrete career paths would have probably sounded much better than the ‘I’ll figure it out’ answer, there’s something slightly more appealing in the fact the next few months are not neatly mapped out, and as a result the possibilities are endless.

And so, having recently graduated (or more realistically- survived) university, I now find myself attempting to make my first foray into the world of adult employment. I have subsequently been informed by several parties that the best place to start would be to make a blog. This seems to be what everybody is doing nowadays anyway; probably because now more than ever, it is of utmost importance to cast ones voice and opinion onto each and every minute event which takes place in the hopes that someone, half way across the world, might agree with, and perhaps even ‘like’ what you say. In amassing enough followers and likes, hopefully I too will be able to change the world someday with my “visionary ideas”, or maybe even better; I might be sent some free stuff.



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